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our daughter

our daughter

Two years ago we were an ordinary Middle Class family, intent only on giving our five year old daughter the best start in life.

Then one day our home was raided by 18 police and RSPCA officials and in the resulting melee the little girl we loved and doted upon was taken away.

Despite the authorities agreeing that she has never suffered any sexual, physical or and psychological abuse a series of court hearings – 74 and counting  – have failed to bring our little girl home.

Apparently the anger we have directed at the authorities for the suffering they have inflicted on our little girl makes us bad parents – according to them there is now a “notional risk” of our child being psychologically damaged if she returns home.

This time last week the Court of Appeal refused to give us leave to challenge a lower court’s decision to place her up for adoption.

The next step will be to take this to the European Court in the hope that the judges there will see sense.

Absurdly we cannot even give you our names – let alone that of our daughter – because the authorities say this is being done to “protect” those involved.

This website has been created to update anyone who is interested in how our European case develops, but also for other parents who find themselves in the same awful position to know that there is someone they can reach out to.

Only by acting together do we have any hope of changing a system whereby loving parents are treated with complete contempt, and where children have no hope of leaving the foster care system once the decision has been to take them away from their parents.

Of course we are not arguing that the small minority of parents who actually harm their children should be allowed to keep them – this website is for the thousands who don’t yet still end up being abused themselves under the same system.

We owe it to our little girl not to give up – or for that matter the many others who have contacted us saying they wished they had fought against the local authorities putting their daughter or son into foster care.

Please visit this site regularly for updates and information.


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